Leadership Solutions

K&A partners with organizations to develop a proactive strategy to identify key talent for the times ahead.

K&A has worked with several public companies who have sought out a solution to solve for an ongoing talent gap to support their growth initiatives. These clients have utilized K&A for episodic or one off recruitment needs over the years. After developing a strategic human capital relationship and becoming familiar with our clients culture and strategic plans often there were repetitive gaps in human capital identified. We developed a customized solution to build a proprietary network of executives/candidates in order to keep an on going referral network regardless of current needs.


This opportunistic approach to recruiting focuses on identifying industry leaders who would be accretive additions to our clients. In many cases we might not have a specific role in mind or the individual may not be open to a new opportunity. Our strategy is to build a relationship with these leading candidates and monitor their career progression. This long term strategy allows our clients to identify top talent and as that talent becomes available or becomes recruitable our clients will create a role or as change in leadership ranks are inevitable we can reduce the time of search execution by being in the market before a specific need is identified.


We have successfully implemented this long term strategy in a collaborative way with clients in an exclusive fashion. It allows us to be focused every day on their industry and what the top talent is doing and how that talent is being impacted by micro and macro conditions.