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K&A has been serving the transportation industry continuously since 1971 starting with our affiliation with Amtrak.  Our practice has evolved over the years to include most of the major transit systems in the United States including some of the largest systems both domestically and abroad.  In addition, we have supported the financial services industry and consulting firms that support the sector.  We have witnessed the growth in complexity of these organizations both in the services offered as well as the external pressures they face.  All must interact with and respond to community and politically-active boards and constituents as they work to keep transportation efficient, safe and affordable in the face of a declining tax base and rising energy costs.

Our approach draws heavily on a genuine partnership with our clients and allows us to support their various needs and assist in the determination of the ideal candidate for each opportunity. We have successfully located not only excellent leaders for these transit entities, but have supported team building and succession planning efforts as they evolve.

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