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Board Services

With an executive recruitment practice that spans more than 40 years, K&A is equally experienced in building high-performance boards for a wide range of clients. With K&A's deep industry knowledge, creativity and experience, we have supported founders, boards and search committees to identify candidates within aviation, transportation, professional services, manufacturing, specialty finance, real estate, health care, consumer products, and other for- and non-profit organizations. Our practice includes identifying candidates for board of advisors for private companies, as well as critical additions to public boards. Our recent engagements include:

  • American Eagle Board Member
  • Arsenal Capital Partners Senior Advisor
  • Campo Electronics Board Member
  • CIT – Aviation Board Members
  • Force Protection Board Member
  • General Dynamics Board Member
  • GMT Global Board Members
  • Hawker Beechcraft Board Member
  • LaSalle Hotel Properties Board Members
  • Management Engineers Senior Advisors
  • NuCo2 President / Board Member
  • Republic Financial Board Members
  • VasoMedical Board Member