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Today’s real estate market offers dynamic challenges. Whether a developer, asset management firm, principal investor, or a lender managing in this highly-fluid, cyclical sector requires a unique set of skills.  Our clients rely on fundamentals including a clear comprehension of the inevitable cycles and the capacity to handle, not only the lack of liquidity created by the current financial markets, but also intense competition and demand for investment opportunities.  The quality of service has risen and continues to rise as competition grows.  Tangible skills are critical to success: the ability to fundamentally value real estate, identify alternative uses, evaluate diverse pools of assets, manage large development projects, and provide excellence in service.

For years, K&A’s real estate practice has supported a diverse set of clients; we have located candidates for real estate developers, management firms, real estate investment trusts, private equity firms, and financial institutions within the sector. Through our unique client-driven recruitment approach, lengthy experience, and broad spectrum of contacts, we are uniquely able to bring our clients candidates with the appropriate balance of technical and leadership skills.

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