Opportunity: WMATA General Manager/CEO

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) is one of the world’s premiere transit organizations, centered in the nation’s capital with six rail lines, 91 stations, and 118 miles of track. Serving 106 million bus and rail trips per year in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV), Metro is essential to the region’s economy and quality of life.


Metro’s next General Manager/CEO will drive the organization forward and navigate the transformation of this flagship system. With a $2 billion operating budget and $12.3 billion six-year capital program, Metro is seeking to find an inspirational, accountable, and supportive human capital leader with a proven track record of motivating and developing others while demonstrating exceptional skillsets which include:

Transformational and Strategic Leadership

Metro is looking for a world-class and visionary leader with a depth of management, operational and leadership experience to help redefine how Metro continues to be an integrated part of the DMV’s success.  Metro’s next CEO will bring a track record of bold and effective leadership to develop, execute, and effectively communicate an inspiring and transformational vision for how Metro will drive future regional mobility.  Redefining and planning for how people will move around the region will be imperative for Metro’s next CEO. An assured and determined risk-taker who can build consensus, our next CEO will advance the organization’s ability to effect comprehensive meaningful change with vision, persuasion, and creativity.


Customer Service and Stakeholder Connectivity

Metro’s next CEO will understand the importance of customer centric approaches including empowering leaders throughout the organization to focus on the needs of customers in everyday decision-making. Metro’s new leader will have strong public speaking and interpersonal skills and ensure that WMATA remains a highly valued, credible, and visible organization to employees and customers. Comfortable with high-level government leaders, Board members, policy makers, the media, business partners, customers, and other important stakeholders, Metro’s next CEO possesses the ability to network seamlessly between all constituencies.  Metro’s next CEO will also continue to advance the organization’s commitment to be an employer of choice for current and prospective employees and will maintain a highly visible role throughout the DMV as an effective change agent for the community and region.



Metro’s next CEO understands how imperative it is for the organization to prioritize safety and drive permanent cultural improvements.  Beyond meeting regulatory requirements, Metro is committed to becoming the transit industry’s leader in safety.  This new leader will ensure continued open lines of communication and transparency throughout all levels of the organization, with regulators and Metro’s governing bodies. One such body is the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission (WMSC), which oversees and enforces safety practices at Metro. The WMSC is an independent agency created by the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia with the approval of Congress and the president.


Metro’s next CEO will focus on implementing timely and innovative solutions to truly modernize every element of our system’s operations, including supporting the development and management of training initiatives that improve health and safety throughout.  The CEO will continue to ensure the importance of reducing risks and offering a comfortable and safe environment to our customers and employees alike.  Safety’s importance extends to the communities we serve and the success of our Metro Transit Police Department to implement police and security programs. Metro’s pledge is to provide safe, reliable, and affordable service throughout the Capital region.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Metro’s next CEO will embrace and advance Metro’s commitment that the collective sum of our individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, and talent are what make Metro and this region the unique success that it is, representing a cultural richness. Metro’s next leader will value the importance of a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization and will demonstrate their capacity to advance social and racial justice in a complex system, with a particular focus on the workforce and supporting the region’s local communities. Metro’s next leader knows that advancing equity is key to our work and will collaboratively develop and implement a strategy to achieve the organization’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals for the workforce as well as the service we provide.


Financial Stewardship

Metro’s next CEO will bring financial and business acumen to support the region in developing successful funding solutions to achieve Metro’s mission. This individual has a strong record of successful management of finance and operations for a complex, multi-million-dollar organization and the business savvy needed to oversee and optimize effective financial solutions. Metro’s next CEO will ensure fiduciary responsibility, sound financial management practices, and accountability while always cognizant of the impact of decisions, strategic plans, initiatives, and programs on the organization. In light of current financial challenges for transit organizations throughout the world, Metro’s next CEO will carefully and strategically evaluate the success and impact of WMATA’s services and help identify strategic partnerships, connections, and resource opportunities with the various funding possibilities to position Metro for future success.

If interested in applying for the WMATA General Manager/CEO position, please email a cover letter and resume to WMATAGMSEARCH@kapartners.com.